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Lizards, wizards, magic and more - run, jump, climb, and crawl your way around a quirky 2.5D puzzle platformer about Izzie, the Lizard Wizard, stealing the dragon coins from their old master.

Final six week project from a first year team at AIE Canberra:


- David Flintoft (@DavidF_Dev)


- Brendan Blue (@BrendanDBlue)

- Dris Hunt (@DrisHunt)

- Chris Selleck (@Thundamelon)


- Elise Allan (artstation.com/eliseallan)

- Brea Fox (instagram.com/artisticfoxau/)

- Charles Spall (@Exeohunter22)

- Martin Widdowson (martinwiddowson.artstation.com/)

Controller preferable.

Dev Talk : youtube.com/watch?v=gu_07QpIxq4

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract the files, and run the executable (A Lizard's Tale) to play.


A Lizard's Tale.zip 74 MB


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Hey there, i played and made a video on your game, i enjoyed it alot even though the wall climbing was a pain at times but thats all about the fun!, it was such a cute game! The artstyle is very good as well so thats a plus in my books! Hopefully there is more soon! Keep up the great work! <3


Woaaah looks cool!!!!! :o


This was actually a pretty dope play through thought there was gonna be a big boss at the end which woulda been cool, but I still enjoyed it the mechanics are dope it's nice, relaxing, and easy. The game tackles one of the most important things of a platformer is that it works and the mechanics feel smooth. Really well done for a game in general it's even more impressive that it was done in 6 weeks. my play through here: